Legal Support Services

Speak Legal offers a broad spectrum of legal and para-legal services to

assist in your day-to-day needs and ensure the smooth and uninterrupted

operation of your business. 

Here are some of the services we provide:

Bids & proposal with private & government agencies.

Document Legalization

Document legalization, notarization, expedited apostille, or embassy


Translation Services

Translation of legal, technical, and scientific documents to and from

English, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages.

In addition an experienced attorney, engineer, or scientist in the requisite

fields will proofread the documents to ensure a faithful and

comprehensible translation.

Proofreading Services, Editing, and Writing Services

Whether in English or Spanish, we will proofread your legal, technical,

general purpose, and scientific documents to ensure they are

grammatically, legally, and technically correct. If the documents were

translated, then we will ensure the translated version is accurate and a

faithful to the original document.

Templates for your Documents, Reports, Government

Filings, etc.

If your organization prepares periodic reports or documents; e.g., SEC

reports, newsletters, etc.; we can prepare templates that will make it

easier and simpler to prepare and update such documents; including the

automatic inclusion of table of contents, indexes, etc.

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We will expedite your day-to-day legal and administrative tasks - giving you the time to concentrate on raising and running your business.
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