Intellectual Property -

Trademarks and Patent, Prosecution & Defense

Your trademarks are, or will become the alter

ego of your organization. Early protection of your

marks will help you prevent profiteers from

capitalizing on your industry’s success and good


Your patents are a powerful weapon that will

help you penetrate established markets, and will

encourage your larger competitors to fairly

tolerate your business.

Your patents are also an effective shield

against your competitors. One that will help

defend against their infringement claims.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable and

experienced in preparing and protecting your

marks and patents.

Our strong technical background and

academic skills has been reinforced with

numerous years of real life experience in high

technology product development.

We will use our experience and skills to

protect your intellectual property and defend

your organization from third party aggressors

and infringers.

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Your intellectual property, particularly for high tech companies, will be a powerful sword helping you penetrate markets dominated by larger competitors, and a strong shield to protect against aggressors.
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