Business, Commerce, and

International Trade Law

Speak-Legal will assist you in most aspect of commercial/business law, international carrier matters, contracts, hiring practices, and the manufacture and sales of goods; matters which often involve numerous regulatory matters, such as import, export, customs, FTC, privacy laws, safety laws, and food and drug laws.

Domestic and International Strategic


Success depends on having the right team working with you. Qualified professionals, objective, knowledgeable, and able to discern the important matters from the trivia - the attributes that describe our team.

International Law

Our professionals have a diverse international legal background, and will assist your organization in the conduct of your business among the various territorial boundaries.

Bids and proposal with private, government and

defense agencies.

We will use our legal, contractual, defense, and technology experience to assist you in your bids and proposals; and to assist you to qualify as a small/minority owned entity.
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Successful international trade requires a broader range of skills and expertise than most other fields of law; orchestrating the efforts of numerous professionals for a common goal.
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