Globallink our Legal & Business

Alliances in San Diego, CA; and 

Tijuana, Mexico

Globallink is a group of international business professionals allied to Speak

Legal. Globallink has over 60

years of accumulated experience

in trans-border transactions

focused in the legal, commercial,

manufacturing, distribution, and

marketing fields.

Together, Globallink and Speak Legal’’s professional cover the complete scope of the business cycle; from legal counseling, to engineering, manufacturing, accounting, procurement, outsourcing, product distribution and business development. Globallink’s business model complements Speak Legal’s business model, being designed with the single purpose of helping international business flow seamlessly between nations and in particular within and through the borders of the U.S.A. and Mexico. Since the business cycle moves at the speed of trust, Globallink will focus in providing our clients with a personalized service to create a close relationship supported by certainty and results. When doing business with Speak legal and Globallink you can be assured that you are in compliance with governmental rules and regulations, that every dollar invested will bring the most efficient return possible, and that your firm will be represented and supported by the best team of business professionals available. Globallink and Speak legal will always make sure to clearly understand your business objectives, concerns and requirements, and will focus all its efforts and knowledge to accomplish your particular needs. Also, we will prepare a detailed business plan addressing each of your concerns, with a detailed action plan to bring your business goals to fruition in a cost effective manner and in the shortest time possible.
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